Holistic Therapies available for guests and non residents.

Prebook a 30 minute mini treatment for just £25

Guests requiring a Reflexology treatment are advised not to eat for one hour prior to consultation.
There are concessionary rates for children.

Reiki Healing

Pronounced Ray-Key, which is a Japanese word for universal life force energy.While relaxing on a couch, fully clothed,  the practitioner will hold their hands above or lightly on your body to channel natural healing energy to you. The energy will go to where it is most needed,  naturally  bringing the body back into balance and harmony.

Beneficial for:-
*Arthritis, depression,*Also works well on emotional, physical and mental levels.


 It is very good for relaxation and bringing the body back into balance simply by pressing  areas of the feet or hands. It can help to stimulate the blood circulation & lymph system into releasing toxins, dispersing uric acid build-up and energy blockages, releasing tension, and re- balancing the body’s energy system so healing can take place.

Beneficial for:-
*Fertility, Stress, Migraines, Gout,chronic pain.

Crystal Healing

 Relaxing on the couch, covered by a blanket, you will have crystals placed gently on your body. It is believed that the energy from the crystals help to re-balance the body and bring it back into equilibrium.

Beneficial for:-
*Migraines, depression, MS, ME,  physical ailments, women’s problems and arthritis.

Hopi ear candles

Hopi ear candles originally got their name from the Hopi indians. They work on the “chimney”effect and help to draw out impurities and help with ear, nose and throat ailments. The treatment takes up to an hour and also includes a facial pressure point massage to stimulate the 

Beneficial for:-

Migraines, Sinus problems, Glue ears, Tinitus, Excess wax in the ears and Vertigo.


Angel cards and Tarot card readings

Enjoy a 40 minute personal reading in comfortable surroundings.

£20 per reading. (All readings are confidential)

Tai Chi

Tai chi tuition is available on a one to one or small group basis at £35 per hour. It is a beautiful flowing art form that can be adapted to suit the individual’s physical abilities. Age or physical limitations are no barriers to learning tai chi.

Benefits of tai chi are :

  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • more confidence
  • more energy
  • better posture
  • helps arthritic conditions
  • improves circulation
  • increases muscle tone